Modbus Ethernet

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Modbus Ethernet 设备驱动与 KEPServerEX 协同工作,在 OPC 客户端和使用 Modbus Ethernet 协议的 PLC 之间提供数据交换。KEPServerEX 基于客户端需求自动优化您的数据采集过程。我们强大的错误处理能力可确保数据完整性。

Kepware 的 Modbus Ethernet 驱动实施同时支持主站和从站模式。从站模式允许服务器接收其余 Modbus Ethernet 设备的例外数据。

Modbus Ethernet 驱动现在可与 Modicon Concept 和 ProWORX 编程包直接集成。如果您使用其中任一编程包,您能够将 PLC 应用程序中使用的标签直接导入到 KEPServerEX 中。通过这一步骤,您的 OPC 客户端应用程序可立即使用所有相关 PLC 数据,从而节省时间。



  • 自动标签生成
  • 通过 IP 寻址支持多个 PLC
  • 支持 Modicon Ethernet 与 Modbus Plus 的桥接
  • 支持使用多套接字或单套接字以进行更好的网关资源管理
  • 支持从 Concept 和 ProWORX 编程包导入标签
  • 支持高级统计标签,包括 _CommFailures and _ErrorResponses
  • 支持访问 65535 个内存单元
  • 十六进制寻址支持 (0-FFFF)
  • 用户可自定义的块读取大小
  • 可调整地址起始位(0 或 1)
  • 浮点和长整型的字顺序交换
  • 0xxxx - 输出线圈,1xxxx - 输入线圈,3xxxx - 内部寄存器,4xxxx - 保存寄存器
  • 支持所有数据类型和数组


  • Modbus Ethernet


  • Applicom: Generic Modbus, TSX Premium, TSX Quantum
  • Fluenta FGM
  • Instromet
  • Mailbox
  • Modbus Ethernet
  • Roxar RFM


  • Simplified Chinese
  • 德语
  • 日语
  • 英语


  • DDE Format CF_Text and AdvancedDDE
  • NIO Interface for iFIX
  • OPC .NET Service (OPC .NET) Version 1.00
  • OPC Alarms and Events (OPC AE) Version 1.10
  • OPC Data Access (OPC DA) Versions 1.0a, 2.0, 2.05a, and 3.0
  • OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) Clients
  • SuiteLink and FastDDE for Wonderware




  • 更新后将允许任何本地地址创建仿真的从属设备。
  • 修复了未经读取的数组写入操作失败的问题。



  • 更新后将允许任何本地地址创建仿真的从属设备。
  • 修复了未经读取的数组写入操作失败的问题。



  • 增加了中文支持。



  • 解决了以下问题:地址指定为十六进制时,数组长度转换为十六进制。



  • 增加了德语支持。
  • 增加了日语支持。


  • 将数组长度的格式更改为在将地址指定为十六进制时数组长度格式始终为十进制。


  • 解决了 5.19 版本中的以下问题:如果地址格式指定为十六进制,十进制数组长度将转换为十六进制。



  • Added support for expanded blocking modes for CEG device model.
  • Changed the driver behavior to no longer send a FIN in response to a request timeout.
  • Increased the maximum channel limit from 256 to 1024.



  • Added support for Advanced Statistics Tags, including _CommFailures and _ErrorResponses.
  • Added support for padding addresses for both 5 digit and 4 digit format. If 5 digits or more are used, the address entered is padded to 5 digits (400001). If 4 digits or fewer are used, the address entered is padded to 4 digits (40001). This applies to all model selections except Applicom and Fluenta.
  • Improved message logging to include socket errors in the Event Log.



  • The driver now reports an error when receiving a message length in the Modbus header that is less than the actual message length.
  • Added support for "Double Precision Unsigned Long" encoding of Ints and UInts.



  • Added the new CEG model and made protocol changes to slave mode to support a maximum of 500 register and 8000 coil tag reads.
  • Added the new CEG model and made protocol changes to slave mode to support a maximum of 500 register and 8000 coil tag reads.
  • The driver will now attempt a retry on receipt of a send socket error. Prior to this change, certain devices could respond with a socket error after the initial connection and cause an unnecessary disruption in communication with that device.
  • Fixed an issue introduced in KEPServerEX version 5.14 where tags on one or more devices may stop being serviced if another device under a channel has been deleted.



  • Changed the driver's minimum Timeout setting from 50 milliseconds to 10 milliseconds.
  • Fixed an issue where a buffer overflow could result in the driver writing to erroneous coils.
  • Added support for importing string type tags via the Variable Import Settings page.



  • Fixed an issue involving register block sizes of 1 to 4, or coil block sizes of 8 or 16 when using packed coils. The issue either resulted in a failure to add tags from a client or in tags being set to bad quality because of a malformed packet.



  • The driver now closes socket connections when a device is disabled.
  • Created a new CEG model.
  • Fixed an issue where some errors returned by the device were not being properly reported by the server.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in bad quality data for 32 and 64 bits tags residing in the upper block boundary.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in bad quality data for packed coil tags defined at the upper block boundary.


  • Updated the driver to change the unsolicited communications timeout value from -1 to 0 (if applicable) when loading a project. This invalid value may be present in projects that were saved using older driver versions, and will invoke an error pop-up message after the Unsolicited tab is viewed in Device Properties.



  • Added support for tag-level Byte and Word order swapping to the Applicom device model.
  • Fixed address parser issues occurring in the Applicom device model where various invalid characters were accepted at the end of a valid address. Also fixed an issue where the 'D' and 'F' address types were allowing bit within word syntax even though the driver does not support bit in 32-bit values.



  • Increased the character limit of the tag Description field from 64 to 255.
  • Fixed an issue where the driver was posting continuous "Failed to start unsolicited communications messages" in the Event Log when Port 502 was in use by another application at startup.
  • Added the new device-level internal tag "_FailedConnection" that indicates the driver failed on its attempt to connect to the device.


Added support for Channel Serialization.

Note: Channel Serialization is not supported for unsolicited devices or mailbox model types.


  • The "Use holding register bit mask writes" setting is now disabled by default for the Applicom sub-model type TSX Premium.
  • Added Boolean support for the "%M" and" %MX" syntax.
  • Added " %MWaaaa:Xb" to read a bit in a word (in addition to the current "%MWaaaa.b").
  • Added the ability to append an 'H' or 'L' to the end of an Applicom string address when defining byte order.
  • Fixed an issue where concurrent writes to multiple bits within the same register were not being retained if the channel was configured to use more than one socket per device and the device property "Use holding register bit mask writes" was unchecked.
  • Corrected Applicom string address syntax to use string length as length in words, not bytes.


  • Added an Applicom model type to support Applicom-centric address syntax for Modbus Ethernet enabled devices. Selecting the Applicom model in the Device Wizard prompts a "Sub-Model" dialog that includes options for "Generic Modbus," "TSX Premium," and "TSX Quantum."


  • Fixed an issue with unsolicited connections management and expanded the maximum unsolicited socket connections from 32 to 256.
  • Added a setting that allows users to select whether the driver will close the socket on timeout.
  • The driver will now check for License Activation upon receiving unsolicited communications.


  • In a fix carried over from a patch to 4x, fail now tags immediately if the packet can't be transmitted (instead allowing retry logic to execute).


  • Fixed issue with write-only tags introduced in 5.0. The value of the tag was not updating when a value was written to it. The correct value was written to the device, just not displayed in the data client.
  • Allow global settings that control unsolicited port and protocol to change on the fly.


  • Added string data type support for Internal Registers.


KEPServerEX 不仅是 OPC 服务器,它还是一种用于工业自动化和 IoT 的连接平台。只需下载 KEPServerEX,然后从包含 150 多种设备驱动、客户端驱动和高级插件的 Kepware 库中选择,就能满足您的工业控制系统的独特通信要求。

驱动是一种软件组件,能够使 KEPServerEX 满足某个特定设备、系统或其他数据源的连接要求。驱动可处理 KEPServerEX 与数据源进行的所有专属通信;客户端接口处理通向监控或控制设备的应用程序的所有连接,包括支持的 OPC 连接、专属连接和开放式标准连接。